Tanner James/Sean Hamilton

by Tanner James/Sean Hamilton

Tanner James and Sean Hamilton first met during the finals of the Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest and found a mutual appreciation for each other’s music. 

Years later, the two did a Western Canadian tour together and instead of playing after each other, they collaborated and took turns playing each others songs while the other added doses of percussion, lead guitar, harmonies and harmonica. They added banter, told stories and were met with great response. 

After some healthy encouragement, the two have finally decided to make a record together. The album was recorded by Chris Wynters (Captain Tractor) and James Murdoch at Norwood Studios in Edmonton in early April. Tanner and Sean were joined by guest players such as acclaimed pedal steelist, Dylan S Keating, and bassist Daniel McCormack, while they tracked the album live-off-the-floor, just like the good ole’ days. They finished six songs in about 11 hours.